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Sunday at 7:00 PM
Masks & Cocktails...

Back by popular demand! This Valentine's Day we bring to you yet again another masquerade affair, welcoming both couples and singles. This event is for everyone no matter the relationship status. Bring your honey for a fun night out on the town or come with your girlfriends and dance until you drop! Bringing together Delaware Valley's most forward thinking professionals, this social experience will be paired with live entertainment, fine spirits, and lots of mingling. Guests will indulge in exquisite cuisines and sweetheart treats. If you don't dance you may be to cool for this soiree! Please join us in celebrating the day of love with fun masks, dancing, food, and drinks. Come photo ready in your cocktail attire and mask!
Thursday at 7:00 PM
PHILADELPHIA! Music Makes Me Happy invites you to their annual Networking Experience, the BIGGEST event that brings together artists and organizations who inspire social change through art & music!